Paige Adams-Geller Biography

Born c. 1969, in Wasilla, AK; married Michael.

Jonathan Adler Biography

Born in 1966, in New Jersey; son of Harry (an attorney) and Cynthia (an artist) Adler; partner of Simon Doonan (creative director of Barneys New York) since 1994. Education: Attended Brown University, 1984-88, and Rhode Island School of Design.

Eddie Albert Biography

Born Edward Albert Heimberger, April 22, 1906, in Rock Island, IL; died of pneumonia, May 26, 2005, in Pacific Palisades, CA. Actor.

Prince of Monaco Albert Biography

Born Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre Grimaldi, March 14, 1958, in Monaco; son of Rainier III (a prince and head of state) and Grace (a princess; maiden name, Kelly); children: Alexandre (with Nicole Coste). Education: Amherst College, B.A., 1981.

Jeremy Allaire Biography

Born May 13, 1971, in Philadelphia, PA; son of Jim (a psychologist) and Barb (a press editor) Allaire; married Marjorie; children: two sons. Education: Macalester College, St.

Judd Apatow Biography

Born December 6, 1967; married Leslie Mann (an actress); children: Maude, Iris. Education: Attended the University of Southern California, midto late 1980s.

Fiona Apple Biography

Born Fiona Apple McAfee-Maggart, September 13, 1977, in New York, NY; daughter of Brandon Maggart (an actor) and Diane McAfee (a dancer and singer).

Shizuka Arakawa Biography

Born December 29, 1981, in Tokyo, Japan; daughter of Koichi and Sachi Arakawa. Education: Graduated from Waseda University, 2004.

Julius Axelrod Biography

Born May 30, 1912, in New York, NY; died December 29, 2004, in Rockville, MD. Biochemist.

Traian Băsescu Biography

Born November 4, 1951, in Basarabi, Romania; married Maria. Education: Graduated from the Navy Institute of Constan[H6031]a, 1976.

John N. Bahcall Biography

Born John Norris Bahcall, December 30, 1934, in Shreveport, LA; died of a rare blood disorder, August 17, 2005, in New York, NY. Astrophysicist and astronomer.

Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis Biography

Born Jim L. Balsillie, February 3, 1961, in Seaforth, Ontario, Canada; son of Raymond (an electronics technician) and Laurel Balsillie; married Heidi; children: two.

Anne Bancroft Biography

Born Anna Maria Louise Italiano, September 17, 1931, in New York, NY; died of uterine cancer, June 6, 2005, in New York, NY. Actress.

Deborah Bedford Biography

Born June 12, 1958, in Fort Worth, TX; daughter of Calvin and Tommie Pigg; married Jack Bedford, 1982; children: Jeff, Avery. Education: Texas A…M University, B.A.

Saul Bellow Biography

Born Solomon Bellows, June 10, 1915, in Lachine, Quebec, Canada; died April 5, 2005, in Brookline, MA. Author.

Gail Berman Biography

Born c. 1957, in Bellmore, NY; married Bill Masters (a television scriptwriter); children: two.

Dorrit J. Bern Biography

Born c. 1950; married Steve Bern (a business consultant); children: Chad, Collier, Tyler.

Hans Bethe Biography

Born Hans Albrecht Bethe, July 2, 1906, in Strasbourg, Alsace-Lorraine; died of congestive heart failure, March 6, 2005, in Ithaca, New York. Physicist.

Paul Biya Biography

Born February 13, 1933, in Mvomeka'a, Cameroon; married Jeanne Atyam, 1960 (divorced); married Chantal, 1994; children: three. Education: University of Paris, law and political science, Paris, France, 1960; diplome, Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Paris, 1961; diplome, Institut des Hautes Etudes d'Outre-Mer, 1962; diplome, Etudes Superieures en Droit Public, 1963.

Black Eyed Peas Biography

Group formed in Los Angeles, CA in 1995; members include (born Alan Pineda Lindo, November 20, 1974, in the Philippines), rapper, dancer; Fergie (born Stacey Ferguson, March 27, 1975, in Hacienda Heights, CA; joined group, 2001), singer, dancer; Kim Hill (left group, 2001), singer; Taboo (born Jaime Gomez, July 14, 1975, in Los Angeles, CA; children: Joshua), rapper, dancer; (born William Adams, March 15, 1975, in Los Angeles, CA), rapper, dancer.

John A. Boehner Biography

Born November 17, 1949, in Cincinnati, OH; married Debbie Gunlack; children: Lindsay, Tricia. Education: Xavier University, B.S., 1977.

Jonathan Borofsky Biography

Born in 1942, in Boston, MA; son of Sydney (a musician and music teacher) and Frances (an architect, artist, and gallery owner) Borofsky; married Francine Bisson (a teacher). Education: Carnegie Mellon University, B.F.A.

Kate Bosworth Biography

Born Catherine Bosworth, January 2, 1983, in Los Angeles, CA; daughter of Hal (a business executive) and Patti Bosworth.

Francois Bozize Biography

Born in 1946 in Gabon; children: Francois, Jr. Education: Attended a college for military officers in Bouar in the Central African Republic, early 1970s.

Adrien Brody Biography

Born April 14, 1973, in New York, NY; son of Elliot Brody (a history teacher) and Sylvia Plachy a photojournalist). Education: Studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and at Queens College, early 1990s.

Kurt Busch Biography

Born August 4, 1978, in Las Vegas, NV; son of Tom (a salesperson) and Gaye (a public schools employee) Busch. Education: Attended the University of Arizona.

Nick Cannon Biography

Born Nicholas Scott Cannon, October 8, 1980, in San Diego, CA; son of James Cannon (a televangelist) and Beth Gardner (an accountant).

Steve Carell Biography

Born August 16, 1963, in Concord, MA; married Nancy Walls (a comedian), 1995; children: Elisabeth, John. Education: Earned degree from Denison University, 1984.

Johnny Carson Biography

Born John William Carson, October 23, 1925, in Corning, IA; died of complications from emphysema, January 23, 2005, in Los Angeles, CA. Television show host.

Mike Cassidy Biography

Born Michael Cassidy, c. 1963.

Shirley Chisholm Biography

Born Shirley Anita St. Hill, November 30, 1924, in New York, NY; died after a series of strokes, January 1, 2005, in Ormond Beach, FL.

Jimmy Choo Biography

Born c. 1957, in George Town, Penang, Malaysia; married Rebecca; children: Emily.

Stephen Chow Biography

Born Stephen Chow Sing-chi, January 22, 1962, in Hong Kong, China. Education: Studied at a professional acting school, sponsored by local TVB television station.

Kenneth B. Clark Biography

Born Kenneth Bancroft Clark, July 14, 1914, in the Panama Canal Zone, Panama; died of cancer, May 1, 2005, in Hastings-On-Hudson, NY. Psychologist.

Kim Clijsters Biography

Born June 8, 1983, in Bilzen, Belgium; daughter of Leo Clijsters (a soccer coach) and Els Vandecaetsbeek.

Anderson Cooper Biography

Born June 3, 1967, in New York, NY; son of Wyatt Cooper (a writer) and Gloria Vanderbilt (an entrepreneur). Education: Earned degree in political science and international relations from Yale University, 1989.

Rhonda Cornum Biography

Born October 31, 1954, in Dayton, OH; married first husband (divorced); married Kory Cornum (an Air Force colonel and orthopedist), 1983; children: Regan (from first marriage). Education: Cornell University, Ph.D.

Paula Creamer Biography

Born August 5, 1986, in Mountain View, CA; daughter of Paul (an airline pilot) and Karen Creamer.

Sindney Crosby Biography

Born August 7, 1987, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; son of Troy (a law firm facilities manager) and Trina (Forbes) Crosby.

Rodney Dangerfield Biography

Born Jacob Cohen, November 22, 1921, in Babylon, NY; died from complications from heart valve replacement surgery, October 5, 2004, in Los Angeles, CA. Comedian and actor.

Ossie Davis Biography

Born Raiford Chatman Davis, December 18, 1917, in Cogdell, GA; died of natural causes, February 4, 2005, in Miami Beach, FL. Actor.

Neda DeMayo Biography

Addresses: Home—California. Office—Return to Freedom, P.O.

Sandra Dee Biography

Born Alexandra Cymboliak Zuck, April 23, 1942, in Bayonne, NJ; died of kidney disease, February 20, 2005, in Thousand Oaks, CA. Actress.

Patrick Dempsey Biography

Born January 13, 1966, in Lewiston, ME; son of William (an insurance salesman) and Amanda (a high school secretary) Dempsey; married Rocky Parker, 1987 (divorced, 1993); married Jillian Fink (a celebrity makeup artist), July 31, 1999; children: Tallulah Fyfe.

Bob Denver Biography

Born Robert Denver, January 9, 1935, in New Rochelle, NY; died of complications related to cancer treatment, September 2, 2005, in Winston-Salem, NC. Actor.

Jacques Derrida Biography

Born July 15, 1930, in El-Biar, Algeria; died of pancreatic cancer, October 8, 2004, in Paris, France. Philosopher.

Wim Duisenberg Biography

Born Willem Frederik Duisenberg, July 9, 1935, in Heerenveen, Netherlands; died of natural causes, July 31, 2005, in Faucon, France. Banker.

Andrea Dworkin Biography

Born Andrea Rita Dworkin, September 26, 1946, in Camden, NJ; died April 9, 2005, in Washington, DC. Author.

Richard Eberhart Biography

Born Richard Ghormley Eberhart, April 5, 1904, in Austin, MN; died after a brief illness, June 9, 2005, in Hanover, NH. Poet and educator.

Marc Ecko Biography

Born Marc Milecofsky, in 1972, in New Jersey; married Allison; children: one daughter. Education: Attended Rutgers University.