Faith Ford Biography

Born September 14, 1964, in Alexandria, LA; daughter of Charles (an insurance agent) and Pat (a school teacher) Ford; married Robert Nottingham (an actor), 1989 (divorced, 1996); married Campion Murphy (a fitness consultant and writer), June 27, 1998.

Janet Frame Biography

Born Janet Paterson Frame, August 28, 1924, in Dunedin, New Zealand; died of leukemia, January 29, 2004, in Dunedin. Author.

Claire M. Fraser Biography

Born November 5, 1955; married J. Craig Venter (a scientist), 1981.

John Galliano Biography

Born Juan Carlos Antonio Galliano-Guillen in 1960 in Gibraltar, Spain. Education: Earned design degree from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, 1984.

Gabriel García Márquez Biography

Born Gabriel José García Márquez, March 6, 1928, in Aracataca, Colombia; son of Gabriel Eligio Garcia (a telegraph operator) and Luisa Santiaga Márquez Iguaran; married Mercedes Barcha Pardo, 1958; children: two sons. Education: Attended Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 1947-48; attended Universidad de Cartagena, 1948-49.

Amalia García Biography

Born Amelia García Medina, October 6, 1951, in Zacatecas City, Mexico; daughter of Francisco García Estrada (a politician) and Concepción Medina; children: Claudia Sofia Corichi García. Education: Attended college in Zacatecas City, c.

Thomas Gold Biography

Born May 22, 1920, in Vienna, Austria; died of heart disease, June 22, 2004, in Ithaca, NY. Scientist.

Genevieve Gorder Biography

Born July 26, 1974, in Minneapolis, MN; daughter of Diana Drake. Education: Attended Lewis & Clark College, c.

Michael Gordon Biography

Born c. 1951; son of a hairdresser; married (divorced); children: two.

Topher Grace Biography

Born Christopher Grace, July 19, 1978, in New York, NY. Education: Attended the University of Southern California, c.

Spalding Gray Biography

Born on June 5, 1941, in Barrington, RI; went missing on January 10, 2004, confirmed dead from suicide on March 8, 2004, after his body was recovered from the East River in New York City. Author and actor.

Jake Gyllenhaal Biography

Born Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal, December 19, 1980, in Los Angeles, CA; son of Stephen Gyllenhaal (a film director) and Naomi Foner (a screenwriter). Education: Attended Columbia University, c.

Mark Haddon Biography

Born 1962, in Northampton, England; married Sos Eltis (an educator); children: Alfie. Education: Merton College, Oxford, B.A., 1981; Edinburgh University, M.A., 1984.

Zaha Hadid Biography

Born in Baghdad, Iraq, October 31, 1950; daughter of a politician/businessman. Education: Studied mathematics at the American University of Beirut; Architectural Association School (London), Diploma Prize, 1977.

Uta Hagen Biography

Born Uta Thyra Hagen, June 12, 1919, in Gottingen, Germany; died after complications from a stroke, January 14, 2004, in New York, NY. Actress.

Paul Hamm Biography

Born September 24, 1982, in Waukesha, WI; son of Sandy (a farmer) and Cecily Hamm. Education: Attended the University of Wisconsin.

Teri Hatcher Biography

Born December 8, 1964, in Sunnyvale, CA; daughter of Owen (an electrical engineer) and Esther (a computer programmer) Hatcher; married Marcus Leithold (a fitness trainer), June 4, 1988 (divorced, 1989); married Jon Tenney (an actor), May 27, 1994 (divorced, 2003); children: Emerson Rose. Education: Attended De Anza College, c.

Carl F.H. Henry Biography

Born Carl Ferdinand Howard Henry, January 22, 1913, in New York, NY; died of heart disease, December 7, 2003, in Watertown, WI. Theologian and author.

Syd Hoff Biography

Born September 4, 1912, in New York, NY; died May 12, 2004, in Miami Beach, FL. Children's book author and illustrator.

Dustin Hoffman Biography

Born August 8, 1937, in Los Angeles, CA; son of Harvey (a set designer, prop supervisor, and furniture designer) and Lillian Hoffman; married Anne Byrne (a ballerina), May 4, 1969 (divorced, October 6, 1980); married Lisa Gottsegen (an attorney), October 21, 1980; children: Karina (stepchild; from first marriage), Jenny (from first marriage); Jacob, Rebecca, Max, Alexandra (from second marriage). Education: Attended Santa Monica City College; studied music at Los Angeles Conservatory of Music and Arts; studied acting at Pasadena Playhouse, 1958, and with Barney Brown, Lee Strasberg, and Lonny Chapman.

Hale Irwin Biography

Born Hale S. Irwin, June 3, 1945, in Joplin, MO; son of Hale S.

B.K.S. Iyengar Biography

Born Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar, December 14, 1918, in Karnataka, India; son of a teacher; married Ramamani, 1943; children: Geeta, Vinita, Suchita, Sunita, Savitha, Prashant (son). Education: Studied yoga under T.

Jade Jagger Biography

Born Jade Jezebel Jagger, October 21, 1971, in Paris, France; daughter of Mick (a musician) and Bianca Jagger; children: Assisi (daughter), Amba (daughter). Education: Studied art history in Florence, Italy.

Rick James Biography

Born James Ambrose Johnson, Jr. on February 1, 1948, in Buffalo, NY; died of a heart attack on August 6, 2004, in Los Angeles, CA.

Mildred Jeffrey Biography

Born December 29, 1910, in Alton, IA; died March 24, 2004, in Detroit, MI. Labor union official.

Elfriede Jelinek Biography

Born October 20, 1946, in Mürzzuschlag, Steiermark, Austria; daughter of Friedrich (a chemical engineer) and Olga Ilona (Buchner) Jelinek (a personnel director); married Gottfried Hungsberg (an information-systems engineer), June 12, 1974. Education: Attended the University of Vienna and Vienna Conservatory of Music, 1960s.

Scarlett Johansson Biography

Born November 22, 1984, in New York, NY; daughter of Karsten (an architect) and Melanie (a business manager) Johansson.

Abigail Johnson Biography

Born Abigail Pierrepont Johnson, December 19, 1961, in Boston, MA; daughter of Edward C. (Ned) Johnson III (an investment-services company executive); married to Christopher J.

Beverly Johnson Biography

Born October 13, 1952, in Buffalo, NY; daughter of an electrician father and Gloria (a surgical technician) Johnson; married Billy Potter, 1971 (divorced, 1973); married Danny Sims (a music producer and publisher), 1977 (divorced); children: Anansa (from second marriage). Education: Studied criminal justice at Northeastern University, c.

E. Fays Jone Biography

Born January 31, 1921, in Pine Bluff, AR; died of heart and lung failure, August 30, 2004, in Fayetteville, AR. Architect.

Edward P Jones Biography

Born Edward Paul Jones, October 5, 1950, in Arlington, VA. Education: Holy Cross College, BA, 1972; University of Virginia, MFA, 1981.

Sarah Jones Biography

Born c. 1974, in Baltimore, MD; daughter of a physician.

Lee Jong-Wook Biography

Born in 1945 in Seoul, Korea; married Reiko; children: Tad. Education: Seoul National University's College of Medicine, medical degree; University of Hawaii, master's degree (epidemiology and public health), 1981.

Juliana Biography

Born Juliana Louise Emma Marie Wilhelmina, April 30, 1909, in The Hague, Netherlands; died of pneumonia, March 20, 2004, in Baarn, Netherlands. Monarch.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Biography

Born Elisabeth Kübler, July 8, 1926, in Zurich, Switzerland; died August 24, 2004, in Scottsdale, AZ. Psychiatrist and author.

Eric Kandel Biography

Born Eric Richard Kandel, November 7, 1929, in Vienna, Austria; son of Herman Kandel and Charlotte Zimels; married Denise Bystryn, c. 1956; children: Paul, Minouche (daughter).

M. Farooq Kathwari Biography

Born August 16, 1944, in Srinagar, Kashmir; married Farida Khan, 1968; children: three (one deceased). Education: Earned degree from Kashmir University, 1965; New York University, M.B.A., 1968.

Charlie Kaufman Biography

Born Charles Stewart Kaufman, November, 1958, in New York; son of Myron (an engineer) and Helen (a homemaker) Kaufman; married Denise; children: two. Education: Attended Boston University and New York University.

Bob Keeshan Biography

Born Robert J. Keeshan, June 27, 1927, in Lynbrook, NY; died after a long illness on January 23, 2004, in Windsor, VT.

Clark Kerr Biography

Born May 17, 1911, in Stony Creek, PA; died in his sleep after suffering a fall, December 1, 2003, in El Cerrito, CA. University administrator.

John Kerry Biography

Born John Forbes Kerry, December 11, 1943, in Denver, CO; son of Richard (a foreign service officer) and Rosemary (a homemaker and community service volunteer); married Julia Thorne, 1970 (divorced, 1988); married Teresa Heinz, 1995; children: Alexandra, Vanessa (from first marriage). Politics: Democrat.

Dan Kiley Biography

Born Daniel Urban Kiley, September 2, 1912, in Boston, MA; died February 21, 2004, in Charlotte, VT. Landscape architect.

Alan King Biography

Born Irwin Alan Kniberg, December 26, 1927, in Brooklyn, NY; died of lung cancer, May 9, 2004, in Manhattan, NY. Comedian.

Barbara Kingsolver Biography

Born April 8, 1955, in Annapolis, MD; daughter of Wendell R. (a doctor) and Virginia (a homemaker; maiden name, Henry) Kingsolver; married Joseph Hoffmann (a chemistry professor), April 15, 1985 (divorced, 1993); married Steven Hopp (a ornithologist), c.

Sophie Kinsella Biography

Born in 1969, in England; married Henry (a teacher), c. 1990; children: Freddy, Hugo.

Keira Knightley Biography

Born March 26, 1985, in Teddington, Middlesex, England; daughter of Will Knightley (an actor) and Sharman Macdonald (a playwright).

Bernard Kouchner Biography

Born November 1, 1939, in Avignon, France; married Christine Ockrent (a television journalist); children: one son. Education: Earned medical degree in France, c.

John Agyekum Kufuor Biography

Born December 8, 1938, in Kumasi, Ghana; son of Nana Kwadwo Agyekum (a clan leader) and Ama Paa (a political activist); married Theresa Mensah; children: five. Education: Oxford University, B.A.

Ken Kutaragi Biography

Born in August of 1950 in Tokyo, Japan; son of a printing plant owner.

Christian Lacroix Biography

Born Christian Marie Lacroix in 1951 in Arles, France; married Francoise Rosenthiel (a boutique manager), c. 1991.