Will Eisner Biography

Born William Erwin Eisner, March 6, 1917, in New York, NY; died on January 3, 2005, in Lauderdale Lakes, FL. Graphic novelist.

Mohamed ElBaradei Biography

Born June 17, 1942, in Cairo, Egypt; son of Mostafa ElBaradei (an attorney); married Aida Elkachef (a preschool teacher); children: Laila, Mostafa. Education: University of Cairo, bachelor's degree, 1962; New York University School of Law, doctorate, 1974.

Enrico Fabris Biography

Born October 5, 1981, in Asiago, Italy.

King of Saudi Arabia Fahd Biography

Born c. 1923, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; died after a long illness, August 1, 2005, in Riyadh.

Niall Ferguson Biography

Born April 18, 1964, in Glasgow, Scotland; son of Campbell (a physician) and Molly (a physicist) Ferguson; married Sue Douglas (a media executive), 1994; children: three. Education: Earned degree (first-class) in history from Magdalen College, Oxford University, 1985.

America Ferrera Biography

Born America Georgina Ferrera, April 18, 1984, in Los Angeles, CA. Education: Theater and international-relations major at the University of Southern California, 2003—.

Jasper Fforde Biography

Born January 11, 1961, in London, England; companion of Mari Roberts; children: twin daughters, two sons.

Patrick J. Fitzgerald Biography

Born December 22, 1960, in New York, NY; son of Patrick Sr. (a doorman) and Tillie Fitzgerald.

Foo Fighters Biography

Group formed in 1995; members include William Goldsmith (left band, March, 1997), drums; David Grohl (born January 14, 1969, in Warren, OH; son of James and Virginia Grohl; married Jennifer Youngblood, c. 1994 [divorced, 1997]; married Jordyn Blum, 2003), guitar, vocals; Taylor Hawkins (born Oliver Taylor Hawkins, February 17, 1972, in Laguna Beach, CA; joined band, 1997), drums; Nate Mendel (born December 2, 1968; children: one son), bass; Chris Shiflett (born Christopher Shiflett, May 6, 1971, in Santa Barbara, CA; married; children: Liam; joined band, 1999), guitar; Pat Smear (born Georg Ruthenberg, August 5, 1959, in Los Angeles, CA; left band, 1997), guitar; Franz Stahl (joined band, 1997; left band, 1999), guitar.

Matthew Fox Biography

Born July 14, 1966, in Crowheart, WY; son of Francis (a rancher) and Loretta (a teacher) Fox; married Margherita Ronchi, August, 1992; children: Kyle Allison, Byron. Education: Columbia University, B.A.

Ian Ginsberg Biography

Born c. 1962; son of a pharmacist, Jerry.

Temple Grandin Biography

Born August 29, 1947, in Boston, MA; daughter of Richard Grandin (a real estate agent) and Eustacia Cutler (a writer, singer, and actress; maiden name, Purves). Education: Franklin Pierce College, B.A.

Brian Grazer Biography

Born Brian Thomas Grazer, July 12, 1951, in Los Angeles, CA; married Corki Corman (divorced); married Gigi Levangie, 1997 (separated, April, 2006); children: Sage (daughter; from first marriage), Riley (son; from first marriage), Thomas, Patrick (from second marriage). Education: Attended the University of Southern California; studied law, early 1980s.

Ismail Omar Guelleh Biography

Born November 27, 1947, in Ethiopia; son of Omar Guelleh and Moumina Rirache; married; children: four.

Paul Haggis Biography

Born Paul Edward Haggis, March 10, 1953, in London, ON; son of Edward H. (a road-construction company executive) and Mary Yvonne (Metcalf) Haggis; married Diane Christine Gattas, April 9, 1977 (divorced, 1994); married Deborah Rennard (an actress and singer), June 21, 1997; children: three daughters (from first marriage), one son (from second marriage).

Tarja Halonen Biography

Born Tarja Kaarina Halonen, December 24, 1943, in Helsinki, Finland; daughter of Vieno Olavi and Lyyli Elina Loimola Halonen; married Pentti Arajärvi (an attorney), August, 2000; children: (with Kari Pekkonen) Anna. Education: Earned master of laws degree from the University of Helsinki, 1968.

Mariska Hargitay Biography

Born Mariska Magdolina Hargitay, January 23, 1964, in Los Angeles, CA; daughter of Mickey Hargitay (a bodybuilder) and Jayne Mansfield (an actress); married Peter Hermann (an actor), August 28, 2004. Education: Studied theater at the University of California—Los Angeles.

Carey Hart Biography

Born July 17, 1975, in Las Vegas, NV; son of Tom Hart (a construction company owner); married Pink (aka Alecia Moore; a singer), January 7, 2006.

Reed Hastings Biography

Born Wilmot Reed Hastings Jr., c. 1961; married; children: two.

Lene Vestergaard Hau Biography

Born November 13, 1959, in Vejle, Denmark. Education: Received B.S.

Al Held Biography

Born Alvin Jacob Held, October 12, 1928, in New York, NY; died of natural causes, July 26, 2005, in Camerata, Umbria, Italy. Artist.

Sally Hershberger Biography

Born c. 1961, in Wichita, KS; daughter of an oilcompany executive.

J. Edward Hill Biography

Born February 2, 1938, in Omaha, NE; married Jean Ware, November, 1963; children: twodaughters. Education: University of Mississippi, B.S.; M.D., 1964.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Biography

Born July 23, 1967, in Fairport, NY; companion of Mimi O'Donnell (a costume designer); children: Cooper (with O'Donnell). Education: New York University, B.F.A., 1989.

Joel Hollander Biography

Born c. 1956, in New York, NY; married Susan; children: two.

Chad Holliday Biography

Born Charles O. Holliday, Jr., in 1948, in Nashville, TN; married; children: two sons.

Alan Hollinghurst Biography

Born May 26, 1954, in Stroud, Gloucestershire, England. Education: Magdalen College, Oxford University, B.A., 1975, M.Litt.

Felicity Huffman Biography

Born December 9, 1962, in Bedford, NY; married William H. Macy (an actor, writer, and producer), September 6, 1997; children: Sofia Grace, Georgia Grace.

Evan Hunter Biography

Born Salvatore Albert Lombino, October 15, 1926, in New York, NY; died of cancer, July 6, 2005, in Weston, CT. Author.

Bob Iger Biography

Born Robert A. Iger, February 10, 1951, in Ocean-side, NY; son of Arthur (a professor and business executive) and Mimi (a teaching assistant) Iger; married first wife (divorced); married Willow Bay (a television journalist and model), October 7, 1995; children: Katie, Amanda (from first marriage), Robert Maxwell, Will (from second marriage).

Jimmy Iovine Biography

Born March 11, 1953, in Brooklyn, NY; son of Jimmy Iovine, Sr. (a longshoreman); married; children: one son, one daughter.

John Irving Biography

Born John Wallace Blunt, Jr., March 2, 1942, in Exeter, NH; son of John, Sr. (an executive recruiter and writer) and Frances Blunt; stepson of Colin F.

Jay-Z Biography

Born Shawn Corey Carter, December 4, 1970, in Brooklyn, NY; son of Adnis Reeves and Gloria Carter.

Bobby Jindal Biography

Born Piyush Jindal, June 10, 1971, in Baton Rouge, LA; married Supriya Jolly, 1997; children: Selia, Shaan. Education: Brown University, B.A.; Rhodes Scholar, Oxford University.

Jack Johnson Biography

Born in May, 1975, in Oahu, HI; son of Jeff (a surf pro) and Patti Johnson; married Kim (a teacher); children: Moe. Education: Graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, c.

John H. Johnson Biography

Born John Harold Johnson, January 19, 1918, in Arkansas City, AR; died after a long illness, August 8, 2005, in Chicago, IL. Publisher.

Wendy Evans Joseph Biography

Born c. 1955; daughter of Melvin and Fran Evans; first marriage ended in divorce; married Peter Joseph (a merchant banker; died c.

William Joyce Biography

Born William Edward Joyce, December 11, 1957, in Shreveport, LA; son of George Edward and Mary Katherine (Hargrove) Joyce; married Frances Elizabeth Baucum, December 28, 1985; children: Mary Katherine and Jackson Edward. Education: Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX, B.A., 1981.

Islam Karimov Biography

Born Islam Abdughanievich Karimov, January 30, 1938 in Samarkand, Uzbekistan; married Tatiana Akbarovna; children: two daughters. Education: Central Asian Politechnical Institute, mechanical engineering degree; Tashkent Institute of National Economy, doctorate in economics.

Mel Karmazin Biography

Born Melvin Alan Karmazin, August 24, 1943, in New York, NY; married Sharon (a librarian and theatrical producer), 1971 (divorced, 1994); children: Dina, Craig. Education: Earned business administration degree from Pace College, 1967.

Charles Keeling Biography

Born Charles David Keeling, April 20, 1928, in Scranton, PA; died of a heart attack, June 20, 2005, at his summer home, in Hamilton, MT. Climate scientist.

George Kennan Biography

Born George Frost Kennan, February 16, 1904, in Milwaukee, WI; died March 17, 2005, in Princeton, NJ. Diplomat and historian.

Marian Keyes Biography

Born in September, 1963, in Limerick, Ireland; daughter of Ted and Mary (Cotter) Keyes; married Tony Baines (a computer analyst), December 29, 1995. Education: University College, Dublin, Ireland, BCL.

Alicia Keys Biography

Born Alicia Augello Cook, January 25, 1981, in New York, NY; daughter of Craig Cook (a flight attendant) and Terri Augello (a paralegal and actress). Education: Attended Columbia University, voice major.

Marcia Kilgore Biography

Born October 16, 1968, in Outlook, Saskatchewan, Canada; daughter of Monty (a real estate agent) and Lorene Kilgore; married Thierry Boué (an executive); children: Louis. Education: Attended New York University, c.

Eugenia Kim Biography

Born c. 1974 in Pennsylvania.

Ruud Kleinpaste Biography

Born in 1952 in Indonesia; immigrated to Holland, then New Zealand, 1978; married Julie (a teacher); children: Tristan, another son, two step-children. Education: Wageningen University, MSc (honours).

Heidi Klum Biography

Born June 1, 1973, in Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany; daughter of Gunther (a cosmetics company executive) and Erna (a hairdresser) Klum; married Ric Pipino (a hairdresser), 1997 (divorced, c. 2002); married Seal (a British pop star), May 10, 2005; children: Leni (with Italian businessman Flavio Briatore), Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu Samuel (with Seal).

Elizabeth Kostova Biography

Born Elizabeth Johnson in 1964 in New London, CT; daughter of David (a professor of urban planning) and Eleanor (a university employee) Johnson; married Gyorgi Kostov (a computer systems administrator), 1990. Education: Yale University, B.A., 1988; did post-graduate work in Slavonic music; University of Michigan, M.F.A.

Diane Lane Biography

Born January 22, 1965, in New York, NY; daughter of Burt Lane (an acting coach) and Colleen Farrington (a cabaret singer); married Christopher Lambert (an actor), October, 1988 (divorced, March, 1994); married Josh Brolin (an actor), August 15, 2004; children: Eleanor Jasmine (from first marriage). Education: Attended University of California, Los Angeles, 2000.