Albert Pujols Biography

Born Jose Albert Pujols, January 16, 1980; son of Bienvenido Pujols (a minor league pitcher); married Deidre (a secretary), January 1, 2000; children: Isabella (stepdaughter), A.J. (Albert Jose).

Manny Ramirez Biography

Born Manuel Aristides Ramirez, May 30, 1972, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; son of Aristides (a cab driver) and Onelcidad (a seamstress) Ramirez; married to Juliana Monterio (October, 2001); children: Manuel, Manny Jr.

Tony Randall Biography

Born Leonard Rosenberg, February 26, 1920, in Tulsa, OK; died from complications of pneumonia, May 17, 2004, in Manhattan, NY. Actor.

Raven Biography

Born Raven-Symone Christina Pearman, December 10, 1985, in Atlanta, GA; daughter of Christoper (a manager) and Lydia (Gaulden) Pearman.

Ronald Reagan Biography

Born Ronald Wilson Reagan, February 6, 1911, in Tampico, IL; died of pneumonia, June 5, 2004, in Los Angeles, CA. Politician.

Joan Rivers Biography

Born Joan Alexandra Molinsky, June 8, 1933, in Brooklyn, NY; daughter of Meyer C. (a physician) and Beatrice Molinsky; married James Sanger (an heir to a department store fortune), 1957 (annulled, 1958); married Edgar Rosenberg (a manager, executive, and producer), 1964 (committed suicide, August 14, 1987); children: Melissa (from second marriage).

Narciso Rodriguez Biography

Born January of 1961, in New Jersey; son of Narciso, Sr. (a longshoreman) and Rawedia Maria (a homemaker) Rodriguez.

Robert Rodriguez Biography

Born Robert Anthony Rodriguez, June 20, 1968, in San Antonio, TX; son of Cecilio (a cookware sales manager) and Rebecca (a nurse) Rodriguez; married Elizabeth Avellan, c. 1991; children: Rocket Valentino, Racer Maximiliano, Rebel Antonio.

Roh Moo-hyun Biography

Born August 6, 1946, in Kimhae, South Korea; married Kwon Yang Sook; children: Geon-ho, Jeong-yeon. Education: Studied on his own to become an attorney.

Dave Rosgen Biography

Born c. 1942.

Renzo Rosso Biography

Born in 1955 in Brugine, Italy; married; children: Stefano, Andrea (son), four others.

William Victor Roth Biography

Born William Victor Roth Jr., July 22, 1921, in Great Falls, MT; died of heart failure, December 13, 2003, in Washington, DC. U.S.

Jack Rowe Biography

Born John Wallis Rowe, June 20, 1944, in Jersey City, NJ; son of Albert Wallis (a professional soccer player and factory worker) and Elizabeth (a hospital clerk; maiden name, Lynch) Rowe; married Valerie Ann DelTufo, August 10, 1968; children: Meredith, Abigail, Rebecca. Religion: Roman Catholic.

Katey Sagal Biography

Born Catherine Louise Sagal, January 19, 1954, in Los Angeles, California; daughter of Boris Sagal (a television director and producer) and Sara Zwilling (also known as Sara Macon; a singer and television director, producer, and writer); married Freddie Beckmeyer, 1978 (divorced, 1981); married Jack White (a country music drummer), November 27, 1993 (divorced, 2000); married Kurt Sutter (a television writer and producer), October 2, 2004; children: Sarah Grace, Jackson James (from second marriage). Education: Attended California Institute of the Arts.

Francesco Scavullo Biography

Born January 16, 1921, in New York, NY; died of heart failure, January 6, 2004, in New York, NY. Fashion photographer.

Michael Schumacher Biography

Born January 3, 1969, in Huerth-Hermuelheim, Germany; son of Rolf (a bricklayer and go-kart track worker) and Elisabeth (a go-kart track worker); married Corinna Betsch (an office worker), 1995; children: Gina-Maria, Mick.

Alice Sebold Biography

Born c. 1963, in Madison, WI; daughter of a Spanish professor and a journalist; married Glen David Gold (an author), November, 2001.

David Sedaris Biography

Born in 1957, in New York; partner of Hugh Hamrick (a painter). Education: Attended Kent State University; graduated from School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1987.

Shelli Segal Biography

Born c. 1955, in Dallas, TX; daughter of Jerry (a comedy writer) and Ann (a nightclub singer; maiden name, Benson) Segal; married Moshe Elimelech (a graphic designer), c.

Maria Sharapova Biography

Born April 19, 1987, in Nyagan, Siberia, Russian Federation; daughter of Yuri and Yelena Sharapova.

Thaksin Shinawatra Biography

Born July 26, 1949, in Chiang Mai, Thailand; son of Boonlert (a silk businessman); married Potjaman; children: Parthongtae (son), Praethongtarn (daughter), Pintongta (daughter). Religion: Buddhism.

Lou Anna K. Simon Biography

Born Lou Anna Kimsey in 1947, in Sullivan, IN; married Roy Simon (a school administrator). Education: Indiana State University, B.A., 1969, M.A., 1970; Michigan State University, Ph.D., 1974.

Paul Simon Biography

Born Paul Martin Simon, November 29, 1928, in Eugene, OR; died after undergoing heart surgery, December 9, 2003, in Springfield, IL. United States senator.

Margaret Thaler Singer Biography

Born July 29, 1921, in Denver, CO; died of pneumonia, November 23, 2003, in Berkeley, CA. Psychologist and college professor.

Pam Skaist-Levy and Gela Taylor Biography

Born Pamela Skaist, c. 1964; married Jeff Levy (a musician, film director, and producer), c.

Warren Spahn Biography

Born April 23, 1921, in Buffalo, NY; died November 24, 2003, in Broken Arrow, OK. Professional baseball player.

Margaret Spellings Biography

Born in 1957 in Michigan; married (divorced, 1997); married Robert Spellings, 2001; children: Mary, Grace. Education: University of Houston, B.A., 1979.

Stephen Sprouse Biography

Born in 1953, in Ohio; died of heart failure, March 4, 2004, in New York, NY. Fashion designer.

Gwen Stefani Biography

Born Gwendolyn Renee Stefani, October 3, 1969, in Anaheim, CA; daughter of Dennis (a marketing consultant) and Patricia (a homemaker) Stefani; married Gavin Rossdale (a musician), September 14, 2002.

Yoshio Taniguchi Biography

Born in 1937 in Japan; son of Yoshiro Taniguchi (an architect); married Kumi. Education: Earned engineering degree from Keio University, 1960; Harvard University Graduate School of Design, M.Arch., 1964.

Graham Taylor Biography

Born c. 1958 in Scarborough, England; married Kathy (a nurse), c.

Edmond J. Thomas Biography

Born c. 1943.

John W. Thompson Biography

Born John Wendell Thompson, April 24, 1949, in Fort Dix, NJ; married (divorced); married Sandi Thompson (an attorney), 1998; children: a son and a daughter (from first marriage). Education: Florida A&M University, B.

Boris Trajkovski Biography

Born June 25, 1956, in Strumica, Yugoslavia; died in a plane crash, February 26, 2004, near Stolac, Bosnia-Herzegovina. President of Macedonia.

Usher Biography

Born Usher Raymond IV, October 14, 1979, in Dallas, TX; son of Jonnetta Patton (a choir director and later his manager).

Peter Ustinov Biography

Born Peter Alexander Ustinov, April 16, 1921, in London, England; died of heart failure, March 28, 2004, in Genolier, Switzerland. Actor and writer.

Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez Biography

Born in 1969, in Albuquerque, NM; daughter of Nelson P. Valdes (a sociologist) and Maxine Conant (a poet); married Patrick Rodriguez (a writer), 1999; children: Alexander.

Daniel Vasella Biography

Born in 1953 in Fribourg, Switzerland; son of Oskar (a history professor) Vasella; married Anne-Laurence, 1978; children: one daughter, two sons. Education: University of Bern, M.D., 1979.

Ellen S. Vitetta Biography

Born c. 1942.

Fred L. Whipple Biography

Born November 5, 1906, in Red Oak, IA; died August 30, 2004, in Cambridge, MA. Astrophysicist.

Pharrell Williams Biography

Born April 5, 1973, in Virginia Beach, VA; son of Pharoah (a handyman) and Carolyn (a teacher) Williams.

Paul Winfield Biography

Born May 22, 1941, in Los Angeles, CA; died March 7, 2004 in Los Angeles, CA. Actor.

Judd Winick Biography

Born February 12, 1970, in Long Island, NY; married Pam Ling, August 26, 2001. Education: University of Michigan, B.A., 1992.

Marissa Jaret Winokur Biography

Born February 2, 1973, in New York, NY; daughter of Michael (an architect) and Maxine (a teacher) Winokur. Education: Studied at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

Tobias Wolff Biography

Born Tobias Jonathan Ansell-Wolff III, June 19, 1945, in Birmingham, AL; son of Arthur (an aeronautical engineer) and Rosemary (Loftus) Wolff; married Catherine Dolores Spohn (a clinical social worker), 1975; children: Michael, Patrick, Mary Elizabeth. Education: Oxford University, B.A.

Wu Yi Biography

Born in November of 1938, in Wuhan, in the Hubei Province, China. Education: Attended Beijing National Defense Department of the Northwest Polytechnic Institute; Petroleum Institute, petroleum engineering degree, 1962.

Xzibit Biography

Born Alvin Nathaniel Joiner, January 8, 1974, in Detroit, MI; children: Tremayne (son).

Jaap de Hoop Scheffer Biography

Born Jakob Gijsbert de Hoop Scheffer, April 3, 1948, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands; son of the general secretary of a stockbrokers' association; married Jeannine de Hoop Scheffer-van Oorschot (a French teacher); children: Caroline, Stephanie. Politics: Christian Democratic Alliance.

Drea de Matteo Biography

Born Andrea Donna de Matteo, January 19, 1973, in New York, NY; daughter of Albert (a furniture manufacturer) and Donna (a playwright) de Matteo. Education: Graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, B.F.A.

Oscar de la Renta Biography

Born in 1932, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; married Fran├žoise de Langlade (a fashion editor), 1967 (died, 1983); married Annette Engelhard Reed (a philanthropist), January, 1990; children: Moises Oscar (adopted), Eliza (stepchild; from second marriage), two other stepchildren (from second marriage). Education: Studied painting at Academia de San Fernando (Madrid, Spain).